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Very cool. I think it had another name first? Worlds smallest RPG or something? Or am I confused with another game like this?

This is a combination of everything I've learned into one game, so similarities are there.

Hello, Louie here with my feedback as promised!

The more important: 
- I can continue to casting spells in the same turn, and it can be overpowered, if I have a lot of mana. 
You may add just one cast per turn. Or is it intentional? If so, why?

Other impressions / suggestions:
- "?" blocks are not finished, right? Imo they might give only one reward and then disappear.

- Super cool idea the walking system, also starving or poison process and camping tents!

- I loved how you made way more complicated combat system! Power attack, spells ring, and other features like the Wand of Hamlet and the Crystal ball.

- The thing you can open inventory and menus only in camps is reasonable. But I think one may open the quest journal everywhere.
I'd love to see some quest progression in future updates! 

- Would be nice to see pictures of shop guys in the store as background before shop menus

- Would be nice have first person backgrounds during battles, even if simple, in the style of ECDungeon.

Yes. Definitely an original, cool and lovely retro game.
Congratulations and keep going!

Mana and Sanity is the same thing, if Sanity is too low, bad things will happen. There will be more events later that will lower it. So it will be a risk/reward thing, where you take the risk to cast spells, but suffer insanity effects.

Yeah those blocks aren't finished, the ratio of those blocks should be 1/3 bad events, 1/3 neutral events and 1/3 good events. I could easily make them go away though and come back every in-game morning.

Since I can't really make extra menus right now, you can only use stuff when camping. Later I might learn how to make on-screen buttons and have you able to camp that way.

Yeah backgrounds would be nice but I don't wanna draw them, it takes forever.