A brutal dungeon crawler without any crawling. It's based on the old Wizardry games and board games like Dungeon Quest.

Press F3 to stretch the image in full-screen. This game can be played on phones and tablets.

Please feel free to leave suggestions in the discussion section. Also, please report any oddities/bugs/glitches, etc.

Donations will go to better music.


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Fam, where are your older games? Do you sell them somewhere else?

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World's Smallest RPG is on Steam in the RPG MAKER MV workshop. I've been meaning to recover it but haven't been able to. I accidentally overwrote the file I had on this site so I had to take it down.

I liked World's Smallest RPG so much that it inspired me to make a similar game in 3D XD, look up for Wander Dice 

Inspiring people is what I wanted. Do I get a free copy?

Sure, where do I pm you the download key?

good game, great music, over all great.

Traveler's Charm - adds a guaranteed random non-combat event option after every combat.

Can be done. I'll note that. I had a similar idea but it was a compass.

A compass might be thematically more appropriate. By the way, I'm Chris Waegelein's brother. He showed me the game today. He's better than I am, too. :)

It's pretty luck-based. I think my record is surviving 290+ days. When I add more items it'll probably take more skill, when you know what they do. Anyway, nice to meet you.

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